ECOFUNER S.L. is a leader in manufacturing and marketing biodegradable and recyclable shrouds and funeral accessories.

We supply an ecological alternative to conventional shrouds using fully biodegradable materials. We also constantly evaluate our practices to ensure our products have a minimal environmental impact.

By using biodegradable materials as the distinctive component of our shrouds we comply with regulations against the use of plastics in most European countries which are soon to be introduced in Spain. These regulations stipulate that biodegradable shrouds should be used instead of oxofragmentable ones and consequently ECOFUNER S.L. is ideally positioned in the industry.

With our ongoing commitment to innovation as part of our DNA, at ECOFUNER S.L. we have proprietary heat-sealing technology that is unmatched on the market and brings unique quality to our products. Our shrouds are not sewn due to this heat-sealing technology and so they are airtight and watertight to ensure smells and fluids do not emerge.

Our shrouds are manufactured entirely at our Barcelona production plant which means we can be completely flexible in meeting market needs using cutting-edge technology.

At ECOFUNER S.L. we are a highly skilled and constantly growing team of professionals driven by the inspiration of being part of a competitive and sustainable business in an innovative and environmentally-friendly setting.